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Commonly Asked Questions from our Tenants

We serve three major groups of people; Tenants, Owners, and Investors. The questions we receive most often come from these distinct groups of people. So...we've organized our FAQ section into those groups to better help you find your answer. These questions/answers are not exhaustive and will change on a regular basis. But this is an attempt to help you with answers we provide most often. Of course, your circumstance may be different and we welcome the chance to address your particular situation. If you see your particular question here, great! Consider yourself among the very best and brightest in this arena. If your query is not shown, that's ok too. Scroll down to the end and ask your own question. We'd love to hear from you! 

What are your requirements to rent a home from TriStone Group?

I wish this was a simple answer. The correct answer is 'it depends'. Every home we manage is not owned by one individual. We have several owners. They are our employer. Each owner may have different criteria for measuring success with their home. It is our job as manager to try and match tenant applicants with homes that meet both the needs of the tenant and the owner.

Do you accept Section 8 housing vouchers?

We have several homes that we rent to recipients of Section 8 vouchers. While we do not recommend Section 8 voucher applicants to owners, it is our job to follow their wishes and what is in their best interest. This is why you may see some houses accepting assistance vouchers while others do not.

How do I apply to rent a home?

Easy! Click here. Complete the form as completely as possible. There is a $25 non-refundable application fee per applicant. That fee can be paid online direct from a bank account, debit card, or credit card. The application fee must be paid before your application can be processed. Everyone 18 or over that intends to be on the lease must apply separately.

What is the leasing process?

Step 1

Drive by the location. Be sure this is where you want to be. The inside of the home is irrelevant if this is not the location you want to be in. Consider neighborhood, traffic, work commute, schools, and other factors that will impact your stay here. Remember, this is your home for at least the next 12 months. You want to be comfortable with the location.

Step 2

Complete our online application by clicking here!

Step 3

Your application will be reviewed by our leasing staff and an outside 3rd party service for both personal background and credit.

Step 4

You will receive email notification that your application has been accepted as-is, accepted with conditions, or declined.

Step 5

Assuming your application has been accepted, now the decision is yours. Do you want the property? Schedule a day and time online to gain access to the home for your own viewing. Most of our properties can be viewed on your own. They are all listed here. If all looks good inside and you want the home, you have to let us know so we can set up a lease for you with the correct move-in date, rent amount, and other terms as needed. Communicate with us either via email or phone your desire for the home and make sure the critical lease terms are known and agreed upon.

Step 6

Coordinate the lease review and signing. We will create the lease for you to review before signing anything. The review can either be done in person or remote. Depending on your current living situation, you may be able to read and sign the lease electronically.

Step 7

Pay the security deposit. Cashiers check or money order made out to TriStone Group Inc. We cannot accept personal checks or online EFT payments for security deposits. As soon as we receive your security deposit and an agreed upon lease is signed, we then remove the property from all marketing activity.

Step 8

Pay your first months rent. This payment can be made with any of our available methods - personal check, cashiers check, money order, online via debit/credit card. Please note that any method other than cahsiers check or money order must be cleared before the payment is considered received.

Step 9

Once your first months rent is paid in full, you may then be given keys to your new home. You will also be given an information packet including instructions on how to establish your account online, establish utilities in your own name, how to make maintenance requests, and other helpful info for your arrival.

Step 10

Enjoy your new home. This is an important step. You just went through 9 trying steps. Do this one!

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